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All About Generator Services

You may think that your building can take power outages by having a backup generator that stands by. As long as generator machines are maintained, there is nothing to worry about in the power outage of your building and infrastructures.

It is important to properly check generator parts before power outage happens through parts checking. If generators undergo this checking often, owners will have to pay less. A generator needs to be tested to assure its capacity to generate electricity when the power goes out. It is known that Emergency Power Supply System (EPSS) maintenance service provide the test for the generators. We will talk about generator services, specifically load testing, which has something to do with how a genset works and how artificial loads measure the efficiency of generator. If ever you will seek for the mentioned services, an independent generator service is better than generator manufacturers. What makes resorting to EPSS services better is that, it costs lesser, it’s quicker, and it focuses more on the maintenance and testing; while generator manufacturers are more concerned about the development of their product and how much money they make out of it.

If you think you have to get your generator checked, contact the website of your generator service for an emergency power testing for free, especially if your infrastructure has a level 1 generator.

In order to know is a generator operates at a certain percentage of its nameplate kilowatt rating, load tests are needed. Monthly tests must be done while abiding on the resulation of the National Fire Protection code 110 as the first step of load testing. In order to pass the monthly test, the genset must work and either work at a minimum of 30% of its nameplate kilowatt rating or attain the minimum exhaust gas temperature. If not acquired, the generator must be tested annually under artificial load test that requires load bank, as stated by NFA 110.

Load bank testing usually increases the efficiency of the generator. Another good thing is that, it can fix wet-stacking – in which the generator’s exhaust side traps unburned fuels. By allowing the operation of a generator at a specific percentage of its nameplate kilowatt rating, unburned fuel evaporates. In order to maintain good parts of the generator, unburned fuels need to be evaporated.

Monthly, yearly, or triennial generator services can be conducted. It is better to consult for an emergency power testing before a power outage happens.

Generators generally keep your building from the effects of power outages. Regardless of the kind of generator you have, maximizing its purpose requires you to keep it intact with its parts and checked from time to time.

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